OMG! Just finished prejudging!

Lisa on Show Day!

Hi everyone!

Just finished posing for the Adela Garcia Classic.  I had SO MUCH FUN!!!  I totally DID NOT WIN, but still, what a blast!  The evening show is tonight.  I’m going to start posting a whole lot of photos from backstage at prejudge and some from the competitors’ meeting last night.


P.S. – Don’t be frightened by the spray on tan.  We all look like that!

Getting ready to leave





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2 responses to “OMG! Just finished prejudging!

  1. Awesome! My husband & I attended the show….all fantastic women! I would like to compete in Masters (preferably over 50) figure in the next year. This was our first show to attend. I’m pretty overwhelmed by everything & need to find a great nutritionist to work with me since over 50 our bodies are so different (menopause lol). You’re blog is an inspiration to me! Keep up the great work 🙂 Linda

    • Thanks, Linda! You should absolutely go for the Masters next year! I had so much fun and while I lost weight I gained confidence and made lost of friends with some pretty inspiring women. I will be posting some of their stories on the blog in the coming weeks.

      As far as diet – Daniel works with a nutritionist and I’m sure he could set up a diet specifically for you. His contact info is Please mention the blog in your subject line 🙂

      Good luck and hopefully see you at next year’s show!

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