I Won!!! (Ok, I’m totally lying…)

Show Day!

The show yesterday was so much fun!  No, I didn’t win the Adela Garcia Classic, but that was never really the goal anyway.  I just wanted to lose weight and get my mojo back.  Mission Accomplished.

And I ended up writing a blog in the process, which is really quite addictive.   Speaking of addictive, I discovered that body building is akin to losing my virginity; it was awkward and not award-winning, but I know I definitely want to do it again!

Now I’m trying to decide if I want to compete in November (pros: this will guarantee that I will be in shape for my 20th reunion in October/cons: I will not be able to drink alcohol at said reunion if I do the Nov. show,) or the Shredder in April (pros: this gives me time to build my muscles and practice posing/cons: what if I go to hell in a hand basket before my 20th reunion?)  Decisions, decisions…

I’ll post more pics of the show tomorrow after my mom and brother go back to NJ.  Thanks for all the emails, texts, comments posted and phone calls of encouragement.  It really made me feel wonderful 🙂



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