New Fitness Goals

Caroline Poe Photography

It’s been a week since finishing the Adela Garcia Classic.  My spray tan is fading to a lovely shade of orange that would make Snooki jealous.  Daniel gave me the week off from both diet and exercise.

By Tuesday I was back in the gym, more for my sanity than anything else.

But as far as the food goes…I WENT CRAZY!  If it was chocolate it was in my mouth.  I ate pasta and watched my stomach expand almost instantly.  I had half a rum and Diet Pepsi and thought my head might explode the next day.  And yet, I followed through and ate whatever the hell I wanted.  This was (I think) the only time I ever fully listened to Daniel’s directives.

But now the cheater’s vacation week is over and I am ready to eat clean and train again!  Here are my new fitness goals:

  1. Operation Ass Lift.  The women who won the fitness competitions all had at least one thing in common: bootylicious backsides.  I want one.  And since I’m not a gazillionaire who can purchase one via plastic surgery, I guess I’ll be doing lots of squats.
  2. Spartacus Mud Run.  My tenant asked me to join his team.  My friend Alexis did a bunch of these things and her profile page has a pic of her jumping over fire.  I get scared jumping on a stepping box.  Plus, it’s in December, which means it will keep me in shape for my 20th class reunion in October.  (Notre Dame, class of ’92!)
  3. Texas Shredder.  This is next April.  My goal is to place (which means get in the top 5.)  I know it’s a crap shoot – depends on what the judges are looking for that day and how ripped the other contestants are – but why train to lose, right?

3a.  This is not a fitness goal; it’s a Blogger Goal:  Figure out social media.  And You Tube.  And not get lost in the time suck that is Facebook…

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  Hope your fitness goals are coming along too!

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