Order vs. Chaos

Order vs. Chaos

Body building is all about order.  You eat six clean meals per day.  Each individual meal is balanced between protein, carbs and green vegetables, which ties into the over all balance of food intake for that particular day.  If you skip a meal, you can’t really “make up” for it later.

Exercise is similarly structured.  You can’t work your legs three days in a row; that doesn’t give your body enough time to recover and rebuild between work outs.

When you’re new to body building, like me, trainers want you to keep both a food journal and an exercise journal so you can chart your progress, noting what works and what doesn’t.

Personally, I can be prone towards chaos.  Well, organized chaos.  But since order seems to be working for me with respect to diet and exercise, I think I’ll instill a little consistency into my blog as well.

  1. Memoir Mondays – Posts pertaining to everything I did the past six months to get ready for my first competition.  Since I want to eventually publish this à laJulie and Julia” it’s a good way for me to practice my writing.  Feel free to send me feedback!
  2. Training Tuesdays – Everything exercise related.
  3. Whatever Wednesdays – All diet and exercise posts and nothing else makes Lisa a boring blogger.  Well see where this goes.
  4. Clean Thursdays – Food, nutrition, clean eating, recipes
  5. Family Fridays – Fit Mama, Work-Home-Work out balance, healthy kids
  6. Inspire Me Saturdays – I love a good underdog story…
  7. Faithfully Fit Sundays – Sometimes I hear a good sermon that uses sports analogies.  If I find it motivating and relevant to fitness I’ll post it.

Anyway, I hope you like the new order of things.  I’ll try it out for a month and tweak it according to reader input.

Lisa 🙂


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2 responses to “Order vs. Chaos

  1. Sound awesome! Looking forward to reading more!

    I’m totally loving your in memoir posts…sound a lot like my life now with a 6 month old and a 2 year old…I don’t know when the last time I left my hair down was…and actually styling it…wow…I think it’s been forever!

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