Look Better in a Bikini Now! 3 Sneaky Tips

Bikini competitors @ Adela Garcia Classic

3 Sneaky Tips to Look Better in a Bikini NOW!

   No diet or exercise required!

Some women are born with flawless hourglass figures.  Lucky for you I wasn’t one of them, because I got to learn some sneaky tricks to look better in a bikini from professional body builders!

1.  Push Out Your Butt.  You’d think sucking in your stomach would make you look better, right?  WRONG!  Instead, arch your back and stick your butt out like a duck.  This elongates your abs and pushes out your chest making you look thinner and curvier.  Don’t believe me?  Stand in front of a mirror and try it.  (Told you! Pretty cool trick, huh?)

2.  Wear Heels.   While I would not recommend this shoe option for a sandy beach, it will work wonders if you’re attending a poolside party and not planning to swim.  (You know who you are.)  To really make this work though you need to wear heels that match your skin tone or are clear, as opposed to, say, sparkly purple heels.  (Unless your skin is purple and sparkly.)  Why do this?  Optical illusion.  If the heel blends in with your legs’ coloring it makes it seem like they are part of you.  And with the added height your legs will look like they stretch for miles.

3.  Get a Tan.  Ever wonder why body builders are so tan?  Because a tan creates shadows accentuating the contours of your muscles.  It also makes you look thinner.  A woman at my gym put it nicely (as she patted her tummy,) “if you can’t lose it, tan it!”  Are you pasty pale and avoid sunlight like a vampire?  (I’m Swedish and Irish.  You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more pallid than me.)  Try Mystic Tan or a bronzer from the cosmetic department of your favorite store.

Bonus tip:  It’s all about attitude and being sassy.   The women who walked home with trophies had confidence and no apologies.   You can do it!  Rock that bikini!

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