Shoulder injury. Ouch!

February 2012.  The next day…

Today is chest/shoulder day.  This is not a training day; I do everything on my own.  I am speeding through all the exercises and feel pretty proud of myself.   I keep adding heavier and heavier weights because I feel really strong today.

My friend, James, who has the two daughters and the farm, comes over and sits down to do seated lat pull downs.  I am standing diagonal from him doing cable curls.  I start at 40 lbs.  Piece of cake!

He talks about his youngest daughter, the 3rd grader, at the horse show yesterday.  She was nervous because there were some girls in the competition that had sponsors and professional trainers and she didn’t.

I increase the weight to 50 lbs.  Whoa.  This is getting heavy.  Sweat beads on my brow.

His other daughter is unfazed and just rides the horse…

I increase the weight to 60 lbs.  Oh my God, this is heavy.  I’m trying to face him as he speaks because it seems rude not to and then I feel a SHARP pain in my left shoulder.  I wince, drop the weight, and roll my shoulder back and forth pinching it with my right hand.

The weight was too heavy.  Damn!  Henri was right (again.) 

I say good bye to my friend and move to the free weights.

“This is just a temporary pain,” I think to myself, as I do arm raises with 8 lb. weights.  But the pain is getting worse and I just can’t concentrate.  I pinch the muscle again in hope that it is just a knot but now I’m seeing spots and I head to the locker room.

The older woman who swims all the time is there.  “Honey, you don’t look good,” she says worried.

“I can’t move my arm.”  I am almost crying from the pain and I consider calling my husband to come pick me up, but I have the car with the car seats, so there’s no way he can drive the truck with the kids.   I’ll just have to drive home with one arm.

I send Daniel a one-handed text from the parking lot:

“So, just thought I would communicate with you…I injured myself doing cable curls.  I’m driving to the doctor now.” (c) 2012 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

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