Exercise + Small Children = Frustrated Mommy

Little Man; Heavy Weights

Trying to balance fitness with kids can be hectic.  Know why?  Guilt.  Especially if your kids are very young and cute.  “Why am I spending so much time at the gym when I should be with my kids?” you think.  How selfish.  Right?

One way to combat this guilt is to exercise at home.  My friend, Meghan, used to work out with the Gillian DVDs, but her son, Cameron, is now 18 months and likes to hold on to her legs when she puts on the DVD.

My problem is that Little Guy will come in and steal my weights.  (See picture as evidence.)  Frustration felt for not being able to do the exercise as designed is pale in comparison to the mini-heart attack I get when I think he’s going to drop the weights on his tiny feet.

Kelly, my friend who was also training for a fitness competition, has four kids and when she tried to exercise at night there were about 10,000 interruptions ranging from little ones wanting a drink of water to older kids on their way back from the bathroom asking, “what are you doing, Mom?”

Another way to get your work out in if you have small kids is to go to a gym with onsite childcare, like 24 Hour Fitness or the YMCA.  The guilt factor is lessened (in theory) because they are in close proximity to you.  I still felt guilty sometimes.  The other downside is when you see a notice posted on the Kids Club door with a fun message like, “Head lice reported.”  I love my exercise but I love lice-free children more.

But the only thing that ever really worked for me was waking up at the butt crack of dawn and leaving my husband to deal with any early risers.  I’m out of the house by 5:00 a.m. and home by 7:15 a.m. and if I did all my mommy time management tricks (pre-pack food for lunches, lay out clothes the night before) my world is a happy world.

Of course the downside to 5 a.m. fitness is trying to wake up even when your son is teething and kept you up until 3:30 a.m. last night…

OK – so in summary,  Trying to Work Out + Small Children = Frustrated Mommy.  Wait, that’s not very uplifting.

OK – Sometimes life trumps the treadmill so if you miss a day due to kid craziness remind yourself that this too shall pass.  The baby’s teeth will eventually grow in; your child will eventually fall asleep at some point (!) and the lice will eventually crawl somewhere other than the gym daycare.   Just let it go and attempt a work out tomorrow.

And remember, the real secret to having a bikini bod doesn’t even have that much to do with exercise anyway!  (Here’s the link in case you forgot:  http://sheslosingit.net/the-secret-to-being-thin/)

You can do this!  Stay fit mama!

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4 responses to “Exercise + Small Children = Frustrated Mommy

  1. loved this post.. I can totally relate.
    I’m trying not to beat myself up if I can’t get a workout in due to the kids but I am trying my best to get my morning runs in while the kiddies are still asleep.

  2. I didn’t feel one bit of guilt dropping my daughter off at the childcare in the gym. She loved it! She actually motivated me to go more often. What pushed me off my workout routine was when we got our daughter a dog. It was then I realized that I couldn’t possibly leave an animal by himself all day and then for another 2 hours in the evening. Sigh. If anyone opens a gym with a doggie and kid daycare attached, I’ll be there. Now we just take a lot of family hikes in the nice weather . . . not so great in Oregon when it rains 9 months a year!

    • My kids have been asking me for a dog, a cat and a baby sister. If any of those happened I think I’d forget the gym, put on my running shoes and head for the hills! LOL

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