Henri and I are going to be on FOX News!

Fox News Channel

Remember how I told you that Henri and I buy run down properties and renovate them?  Well, FOX News is going to interview us on Monday for turning a blighted apartment complex into a safe, family-friendly apartment community!


We have to show them the before and after pictures of the place and show them the unit we are working on now.


Renovating Cameron Villas

We will also talk about the partnership we have with the police departmentand local churches, like Austin Stone, and how we helped low-income residents get new air conditioners and windows through the American Recovery Act


Brian, our Manager, is camera shy, so he just wants to work in the background, but his kids think it’s pretty cool that they will see their dad on TV.


Please send good vibes our way so we don’t mess up on camera!




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5 responses to “Henri and I are going to be on FOX News!

  1. That is so great! I am so excited for you, have fun!!! 🙂 Will you get a copy of it? I won’t be able to watch and I want to see it.

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