Lisa vs. Daniel, Round 2: True Patriot


March 2012

Every March I get patriotic.  That’s because March is when I do my taxes and if I don’t remind myself why I love America I get really annoyed with how much money I have to pay to the government.

Day 1:  I meet up with Daniel for my training session.  “Lisa, you haven’t updated your food journal.”

“I’m being nationalistic and working on my taxes.”

“It takes two minutes.”

“I’m a true patriot.”

I’m a true liar!  I haven’t updated the stupid f***ing food journal since I had my total self sabotage meltdown last week.  Dealing with taxes and a lecture on clean eating in the same week is really just too much for me to handle.

“Did you buy your supplements yet?”

He gave me a list of supplements to buy last week, like Creatine and Isopure but I don’t want to buy them online because Henri will give me grief about using my credit card and I haven’t gone to the vitamin store because I hate going to new places since I have no sense of direction and get lost in my own neighborhood.

“I’m.  Working.   On.  My.  Taxes.”  I say very slowly and deliberately.  This is my “read between the lines” way of saying “stop bugging me.”

He drops the subject.  Yay!

Day 2:  I try to dodge him but he’s already there sweating away on the stepper.  (He’s training for the Texas Shredder competition.)  “Lisa,” he calls me over.  Oh, crap.  “Food journal?”


“You can’t be working on them forever.”

“Fine.  I’ll update it tonight.”

Of course I don’t update it that night.  I am actually working on my taxes.  And if you must work on taxes, why not reward yourself with Hershey kisses, right?  Oh, God, now I really can’t update that stupid food journal.  I hate that thing.

Day 3:  I time it just right so I can avoid him entirely as he meets with other clients, but the ab work out takes me longer than expected and Daniel slides into the training desk chair.

“Lisa – ”


He shakes his head at me and goes back to his computer.  He’s not even looking at me.  Oh man, this week sucks. (c) 2012 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

2 responses to “Lisa vs. Daniel, Round 2: True Patriot

  1. Taxes definitely aren’t fun. I’m losing a few tiny battles against sweets this week. Sorta glad that I’m not tracking in a food journal right now, but then again, if I had one I may feel a little more guilty about indulging in sweets.

  2. I never thought eating clean would be such a pain in the neck! I’m trying to wrap my mind around the “it’s a lifestyle” mentality with limited success. Oh well, it’s a work in progress. Good luck with your diet too!

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