Blogger Challenge: Your Highs and Lows From This Year

Fitness Cheerleader Challenge:  Your Highs and Lows From This Year

I guess you could call it a midlife crises.  I wasn’t planning on it, but I guess these things sneak up on you.  When I entered the bikini competition I was told that I would be in the Masters Division.  That’s fancy for “old”.  Masters Division starts at age 35.  So I was over the hill for 3 years without my knowledge.

I thought 40 was the defining moment when a woman becomes old but now I had to deal with it two years before I was ready.  It also didn’t help that my 20th class reunion was coming up in October, my first born starts real school this year and it was the 10th anniversary of my dad’s death.

That’s a lot of stuff to deal with when you’re also learning how to lift weights for the first time and dealing with decades of food issues.

I cried a lot.

And then I got over it.  Big whoop, I’m pushing 40.  I have more wrinkles, but most of them are laugh lines.  My babies are still young enough to snuggle with me and now that I’m not ashamed of my body I don’t avoid pictures, so I can actually preserve this deliciously wonderful time in our lives.

My favorite moment with my 4 1/2 year old daughter was helping her climb up a hill at Lake Travis.  She was afraid she would fall, and I told her that I was afraid of falling when I did push ups, but it’s ok to be afraid and I wouldn’t let her fall.  She made it up the hill and we looked down together and I knew she could conquer anything.

My favorite moment with my 2 ½ (almost 3) son was on Independence Day, because that was the day he declared independence from diapers.  He had been saying all year long, “My name is Henry.  I’m the baby.”  But on that day a smile blessed his face and he said, “I’m a big boy now.”

My favorite moment with my husband was the first month I started training.  He was so supportive of my efforts.  In that month I dropped from a size 12 to a size 5 and I was able to wear my pretty jeans with the flowers on the pocket; the ones I wore when we were first engaged.  I was standing in our bathroom, putting on some lipstick just because.  I watched him in the mirror, watching his hazel eyes watching me.  Feeling his soft breath against my shoulder, he whispered in my ear, barely audible, those words I was longing to hear for half a decade.

“You’re you again.”





How about you?  What were your highs and lows this past year? (c) 2012 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

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