Blogger Challenge: 5 Weird Things About You

Fitness Cheerleader wants to know:

5 Weird Things About You

Ok, anyone who has read more than one of my posts already knows that I’m kinda quirky, so trying to limit myself to naming just five weird things was quite an ordeal, but here goes:

5.  I only use blue pens.  Literally.  I will not use a black pen EVER.  This drives my husband nuts.  My high school English teacher did this to me.  She told our class that she only uses blue pens.  It started when she was taking an exam right around the time her grandfather was sick and in the middle of the exam her blue pen gave out.  She asked for another blue pen but the person next to her only had a black pen and it was at that exact moment (when she started using the black pen) that her grandfather died.  She told like 20 other stories similar to that one and from that point on I only started using blue pens.  THE BLUE PEN/BLACK PEN THING WORKS.  When I was in college my roommate Min was a Republican and I was (am) a Democrat and when it came time for us to vote I used a blue pen to elect Clinton and I would only let her use a black pen to vote for Bush Sr.  See?  Blue pens

4.  I only sleep about 5 hours a night.  I’ve had insomnia ever since I can remember, but I actually view it as a good thing.  I can get a ton accomplished at two o’clock in the morning when no one is up and it’s quiet.  I must say, however, that bodybuilding is changing my sleep patterns a bit.  The heavy lifting just physically exhausts me and particularly on leg workout days I will actually sleep 7-8 hours.

3.  I’m a writer.  This isn’t weird, per se, but most people I know think it’s cool I wrote a book.  It’s called “Mind Your Manners Minnie Monster,” and it won a Mom’s Choice Award.  I also did the illustrations.  Like me, it’s a little quirky in that the monster is sort of the anti-hero and is totally obnoxious.  I wrote it after going to a pizza place in NYC where I witnessed a 3 year old say, “Mommy, I said no!” as he flung his plate of spaghetti against the wall.  Here’s the link to Amazon if you’d like to order it for some naughty preschooler.  Speaking of naughty, I’m also righting two romance novels and I’d love to publish a memoir about my first bodybuilding experience.

2.  Looking for a Tiger Mom?  Look no further.  This is Rylee’s science project about volcanoes she did at nursery school when she was 4 1/2.  

Science project presentation

I was a Tiger Mom before Amy Chua wrote the book.  When Rylee was one I bought the complete set of Your Baby Can Read books, DVDs and slider flash cards.  I know the company is going out of business now, but I swear that they work.  Both kids were reading books by the age of two.  My friend, Regina, told me about  I love this website!  It teaches phonics and math through games and songs.  It’s free, but for a mere $35 a year you can upgrade the math component to include multiplication and division games.  My favorite store in Austin is Teacher Heaven and I also love the teacher corner at Dollar General.  My kids love to learn because they do it through games, so they think it’s fun.

1.  Whenever we lose something in the house I pray to St. Anthony.  I learned this from my crazy Irish grandmother.  IT WORKS.  You say, “St. Anthony turn around, something’s lost that must be found.”  Even my husband says this now.

But he’s still annoyed about the blue pen thing.

OK, so now that you have peered through the looking glass into my weird little world, how about you?  What are 5 Weird Things About You?

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