God, I Love to Run!

  God, I love to run!

Yesterday I got the chance to run up Torrey Pines Reserve, up and down all the trails, then run back along the beach to 21st street where Henri and the kids were playing in the ocean.   It was about 10 miles and it felt phenomenal.

 Six years ago when I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon with Team in Training we used to do hill runs here every Monday.  We would start at the base of the hill we fondly nicknamed “Bitch.”


 As you can see it’s a steep incline and it used to kill me to run it.  What struck me yesterday was how easy it was for me to do.  I think all the weight lifting really helped my strength.

Oh God, I love to run!  After making it up the hill I ran through the pine trees

until the clearing opened onto nothing but blue sky


And crystal blue ocean

God it was beautiful.  There was a symphony for my senses.


The  sea was as blue as my son’s eyes when he is laughing.


A faint scent of jasmine filled the air


The melodic crash of waves breaking was like music to my ears

The taste of the salty ocean air was invigorating on my tongue.

     Oh God, I love to run!  

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