Blogger Challenge: Are You a Cardio Junkie or a Weights Junkie?

Fitness Cheerleader Blogger Challenge Question of the Day:

Are You a Cardio Junkie or a Weights Junkie?

You would think as a novice bodybuilder this question is a no-brainer for me.  And yet…yet…Given the choice between running the Torrey Pines Trail or lifting weights in a gym all day I choose running every day of the week!

Running is relaxing.  I don’t even have to listen to my iPod (but it’s better with music.)  Whatever I’m trying to work through in my mind gets resolved over a nice, long, solitary run.  Endorphins are released and when I get that runner’s high I feel goooood.  Like morphine when you’re delivering a baby good.

But if I want to LOOK good, weight lifting wins hands down.  I love looking ripped.  And I actually feel better after weight lifting…just not while I’m doing it.  It’s more difficult to lift weights because you have to focus on what you’re doing so your form is correct and you get the best burn in the muscle group you are working.

Both running and bodybuilding are mental sports.  You wouldn’t think it, but they are.  When I first started training for marathons my coach told me, “If you can run 10 miles you can run a marathon.”  I thought he was crazy, but he was right.  When you don’t want to take another step you talk yourself into going further.  You find a spot to run towards and as you reach that spot you pick a new one further down the road so you’re only concentrating on small goals.  Before you know it, you’ve reached the finish line.

Bodybuilding is a total mind sport.  You have to force yourself to eat the same 6 meals a day spread out between 3 hours for weeks on end.  You have to load as much weight on the bar as you can lift.

You have to do things that scare the hell out of you, like jump on the Box of Torture.  OK, that’s not it’s name, it’s just a box.  But it becomes the Box of Torture if you are afraid of falling and your trainer makes you jump up on this thing 20 times in a row for 3 sets anyway, and then you actually do fall and after he asks if you’re OK he tells you, “You fell down because you got lazy on me.  Jump higher.”  I hate that stupid box!

But I do love my sculpted body now.  And I will always love to run.

And you?  Are you a cardio junkie or a weight lifting junkie?

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8 responses to “Blogger Challenge: Are You a Cardio Junkie or a Weights Junkie?

  1. Haha! Good question! Like you, I would rather run or walk a million miles. happy feeling 🙂 BUT weight lifting gives me the body I want SO guess a little of both is a good mixture 😉

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