Why I Started Writing a Blog

  Last May I published my first book, “Mind Your Manners Minnie Monster.”  It was a very exciting time for me because I had always wanted to see one of my stories in print.  Plus, I did the illustrations too, so it was really personal for me.  (And, yes, that is a double chin and flabby arms.  No, I was not pregnant, just chubby.  If you think I’m pudgy there, you should see me after I REALLY put on the weight later that fall.)

While at the Book Expo in NYC I was lucky enough to meet the very talented actress and writer Julianne Moore.  (And if you think that this is gratuitous name dropping and giving myself a reason to post a picture of myself with Julianne Moore…well…you’d be right.  I’m so busted!)

I also got a chance to pitch my book to Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry.  (If you ever wanted to know how to get your book published, check out their website www.thebookdoctors.com)

Anyway, they loved the book and suggested I start a mommy blog to market it.  But here’s the thing…I didn’t feel qualified to write a mommy blog.  (Pretty telling statement, huh?) That’s a lot of scrutiny for my family, plus there are about a gazillion mommy blogs and why would anyone read mine?

Then I started writing a romance novel set in Scotland in the late 1700’s.  In February my library hosted a meet-and-greet of local romance novel authors, which I gladly attended.  I told them the plot and they said it was marketable but before I submitted my manuscript to any publishers I should (again) start a blog.  They said, “The first thing a publisher or agent is going to do is Google you, so you better get on the web.”

Grr!  I didn’t even know how to use Facebook.  Plus, I had no idea what a romance novelist writes about.  Hot sex scenes?  Mechanics of creative writing?  Again, I did not feel qualified.

This was also about 2 weeks into my training with Daniel for my first bodybuilding competition.  Ah ha!  Something I had never done, knew nothing about and had no idea how it would turn out.  PERFECT!  No one would expect me to be an expert – it was my first show.  And if I hated blogging I could just say, “Well, the show’s over.  That was fun.  So happy to have created an online persona.”

But now that I’m 2 1/2 months into it – I love blogging!  It gives me a chance to sharpen my storytelling skills and maybe get people pumped about bodybuilding.  I love this sport too 🙂

Plus, how much more fun is it to read about someone who cheats on her diet, ignores her husband’s advice, can’t seem to get her son potty-trained, gets yelled at by her trainer, trips over her own heels trying to do a bikini pose and still manages to keep showing up to the gym versus just a plain old mommy blog?  Right?

How about you?  Did you ever want to write a blog?  If so, what would it be about?

And if you’re interested in perhaps starting a blog but don’t know what to write – check out Fitness Cheerleader‘s blog.  These challenge questions are all her brainchild and it’s been fun answering her questions each day.  (OK – not every day, I’m still catching up from vacation…)


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12 responses to “Why I Started Writing a Blog

  1. WOW – you’ve come so far! Discipline, clean eating and strength training! Great job. Congrats on the book and your blog – you’re an awesome writer!

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  3. I’m actually re-reading this post as I’m going through the “memoir” section of your blog (again). I’m an circus acrobat/college student constantly on a training diet and weights program, and it’s always inspiring to check out your blog and think “If Lisa can get up and go to the gym and eat clean, so can I!”

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