Blogger Challenge: List Your 5 Must-Have Fitness Items

1.  Weight lifting gloves.  Without these my hands get ripped to shreds and get callouses on them, a most unfeminine look.

2.  Supplements.  I get my new supplement list tomorrow but for now I’m taking L-glutamine before each meal (it helps your muscles recover faster) and Creatine for the next 6 weeks (to help grow lean muscle mass.)

3.  Cranberry Raspberry Sparking Water.  It’s 62 cents at HEB (they raised the price from 57 cents…probably because I bought an entire case of the stuff for our vacation to Cali.)  No sodium, no calories and it’s fizzy and delicious.  Yum!

4.  Towel.  I never used to sweat.  My trainer cured me of that by giving me insane workout routines.  Now if a gallon of water does not pour out of my skin he calls me out for not being hydrated enough (translation: I’m drinking too much Diet Pepsi.)

5.  iPod.  Music is a must on the stepper.  A well chosen song will help get me over the mental hurdle of lifting a weight that seems too heavy or doing the last set of ab exercises when I’m just not feeling it.

How about you?  What are your 5 must-have fitness items?

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2 responses to “Blogger Challenge: List Your 5 Must-Have Fitness Items

  1. I would not survive a workout without water, my towel and an iPod. On the class side – the yoga mat and cycling shoes don’t even come out of the car. Never know when I’ll get talked into subbing a class at the last minute (it has happened a LOT lately)…

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