Ice Ball

  Last night we went to the Ice Ball, a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Oh, it was so much fun!!  Anytime I get to purchase and wear a fancy schmancy dress is a good day in my book.  (Do you like my icy-themed dress?  $28 from Kohl’s.  LOVE that store!)

We were guests of our friend Dave.  His company, US Micro Products, is a corporate sponsor for the charity.  Here is a picture of our table:

There are a lot of good things about going to a charity event.  1) You are giving to a great cause.  2) Above mentioned fancy-schmancy dress.  3) Seeing various friends.

Downside to going to a big event…while 10 weeks out from your bikini competition?  FOOD, FOOD, FOOD you can’t eat.

Exhibit A:  Alcohol.  This actually was not so hard for me to pass on, as I have gone through two pregnancies and a previous bikini competition, so I’m totally cool going sans-alcoholic beverages for months at a time.

Here’s what I drank instead:  Water with lime so it looked like an alcoholic beverage.  OK, I’m totally lying.  I had like 4 Diet Cokes.  (Please don’t tell my trainer.)

The food stations were filled with delicious things I could not eat: brisket, quesadillas, mac ‘n’ cheese, cheese burgers, things wrapped in bacon, chips with guacamole, etc., etc.  The healthiest thing I could find was a mini-salad of sorts comprised of a tomato slice, avocado slice, feta cheese crumbles and some bacon crumbles on top.  They also had plates of a single scallop on top of some vegetable thing.

So I had two scallops and two of those tomato things for meal #5.  The entire time I was eating this I was hearing Daniel yell at me in my head.  (“You don’t know how they prepared the scallops!  It could have been cooked in tons of butter!  I specifically wrote ‘no tomatoes’ for meal #5.  CHEESE?!?  BACON?!?!!!!!  Lisa, you’re only 10 weeks out…”)

La, la, la, la, la (I’m signing in my head now to drown out Daniel’s voice.)  And to put it in perspective here, last competition when I cheated on my diet, I seriously CHEATED.  (If you don’t believe me, read my Self Sabotage post.)  Last night my cheating was mostly comprised of eating the wrong type of vegetables and not knowing how the chef prepared the protein.

And, I totally DID NOT eat this: I brought it home and gave it to the babysitter.  Go me!

My friend, Gayle Stallings, was the auctioneer and it was so exciting to see her in action.  In 20 minutes she got the group to donate over $100,000!  Then continued with the live auction and brought in an additional $83,000.  That woman has mad skills.  She is the redhead with the short hair and the woman with the long hair is with Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Here is her website: FUNauctions.

Gayle says, “I love reading your blog!  You know it’s going to get turned into a book, right?  It’s inspiring to see that you’re a mom and you can do it, so other people will think they can do it too.  And I love your fights with Daniel.”

It’s so funny to me that she reads the blog.  I forget that people read this.  Mostly I feel like I’m writing an online journal just for my own amusement.  Anyway, we are going to workout together sometime and I am trying to coax her into writing a guest blog post about fundraising for sports charities like Team In Training, Race for the Cure, etc.  We’ll see…

Well, have to get the kids ready for church now at Austin Stone.  Laters!

Lisa (c) 2012 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

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