Trouble over the Ice Ball Cometh…

So, on Sunday I posted a little thing about the Ice Ball fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters I attended on Saturday.  (You can read it here: Ice Ball)  It really had more to do with cheating on my diet than anything else.

I posted it to my new Facebook page (please “like” me on it!) with a smart-ass little lead in that went:  “Is it possible to eat clean when you’re at an event? (If you are my trainer, please don’t read this.)”  Totally funny, right?  Since Sunday is my off day from training and I just did my blog for the day I proceeded with important things, like taking a nap.

Well, guess who read it?

8/26, 2:25 pm  Daniel:  9 am tomorrow?  (For our training session)

8/26, 2:28 pm  Lisa:  6:30 pm I thought.  Rylee’s not in school till Tues.

8/26, 2:30 pm Daniel:  Okay that’s right

8/26, 2:28 pm  Lisa:  C u then!

8/26, 2:31 pm DanielAnd u better do cardio today bc of what u ate last night

8/26, 2:31 pm  Lisa:  Oh shit!  U read tha?  OK, ima do cardio

8/26, 2:32 pm Daniel:  U can’t cheat

8/26, 2:32 pm  Lisa:  I know

8/26, 2:32 pm Daniel: Yeah…When u say “if you’re my trainer don’t read this” that just makes me want to read it.

Okay, in my defense here:  1) I’m trying to get to the magical 30 “likes” on FB, so it needs to have an interesting lead in for people to open the link, right?  2)  Daniel is on Facebook NEVER.  Figures this was the day he decided to troll the web.

The rest of the texts basically scolded me like an errant child.  I’d post them here, but I don’t want to. 😉

And then today…

I do my cardio warm up followed by light weights to get the blood flowing in my arms, then start the actual workout.  And as I pull down the 70 lb. lat bar I hear this:

“So how were those scallops?”

Oh shit.  Guess we’re revisiting this…

“Um…good.”  He adds more weight.  (Did you ever notice he likes to add more weight to whatever I’m lifting before he lectures me?  This is a recurring trait of his.)

“I’m angrier about the Diet Cokes than anything else.  Four Diet Cokes, Lisa?  Really?”

“Oh, but the glasses were really small…”  I release the bar to demonstrate with my hands just how miniscule indeed the glasses were.

“Don’t try to justify it.”

“OK, sorry.”

So, no more Diet Cokes for me.  And I will have to strategically plot the next time I write, “if you’re my trainer don’t read this” for some post that totally panders to him.  Or maybe I’ll write that lead in on every FB post so he’ll get overwhelmed and not read any of them.  Of course, the simplest solution is to just not cheat on my diet, but where’s the fun in that?

Lisa (c) 2012 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.



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