Blogger Challenge: Something You Always Think “What If?” About

What If?

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This summer I watched the Olympics and my heart broke as I watched Morgan Uceny fall at the 1,500 meter finals.  Think of it: training for four years and in four seconds all your hopes and dreams for victory come crashing down.  How could you not think, “what if?”

Today’s Fitness Cheerleader challenge was to write about something you always think “what it” about.   OK – I’m totally lying here.  This wasn’t today’s challenge; I was supposed to write about it on August 14, but it seemed like such a bummer question I had to avoid it for a while.

What if I started thinking about all my failures?  Wouldn’t that just drive me nuts?  Whenever I used to wax poetic about “if only…” my former boss, Jim, used to say, “Yeah, and if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.  Don’t go there; it’s not helpful.”

What if I pondered the philosophical aspects of this self examination question?  I’m one of those people who truly believes that everything happens for a reason, even bad things, so from this perspective, there is no real point wondering about different outcomes, because everything happened the way it was meant to happen.  Right?

What if I wrote about something fun instead, like, what if I won the lottery?  I would take a trip around the world, start a scholarship fund, hire High School Musical kid to do my laundry (and maybe give me a massage too; I hear it is very stressful being rich.)   Oh!  You know what else I would do if I won the lottery?  I would get the Mommy Special plastic surgery package:  breast implants, tummy tuck and butt lift.  “But, Lisa,” you’d say, “wouldn’t it be better to do these things naturally through diet and exercise?  Wouldn’t you be disappointed in yourself for cutting corners?”  And I would reply, “If I had a billion dollars I could hire a therapist who would make me feel better about the whole cutting corners thing.”

What if you  just took a moment to realize that the past doesn’t define you; it prepares you for things yet to come?  What if you considered that everything around you started as a thought in someone’s mind – the Strong is the New Skinny shirt, the new app helping you track your run time, the idea to start a blog to inspire people to get healthy?  What if you realized that if you can think it you can do it?

Why then you’d realize that the world is alive with possibilities, if only you ask yourself “what if.”

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