Final Blogger Challenge: What Are Your Goals for September?

Today is the final post for Fitness Cheerleader’s August Blogger Challenge.  I had so much fun answering her writer prompts all month – thanks for hosting Fitness Cheerleader!

Goals for September:

10.  I guess I have to find another blogger challenge or sit around and think up stuff to write about this month.  The only thing I came up with so far is a new segment called “Dumb Shit I Said to my Trainer” (DSST.)  That will fill a lot of posts.

9.  Complete 400 lunges per day, 5 days per week.  If that doesn’t lift my ass by the end of the month I will cry. 

8.  Have a giant yard sale to pay for all my bodybuilding expenses (supplements, training, tanning, etc.) as this November competition was not part of our family budget.

7…6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1  I guess I only had 3 goals for September.

Oh wait!  I only need 7 more “likes” on Facebook to reach my magical FB goal!  So even if you don’t like this blog, just PRETEND that you do and please, please, please click “like” on

How about you?  What are your goals for September?

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9 responses to “Final Blogger Challenge: What Are Your Goals for September?

  1. 400 lunges a day? You, uh, have fun with that and let us know how it goes 😉 I found you on FB by the way (through my own blog’s page, ConcreteNCoffee). You should be at 30 by now!

  2. That sounds like some great doable goals for you!
    My september goal…
    Finish my first trimester, feel healthier, and get back to working out and not feeling sick, oh we are going to the Philippines too…so I must feel better and sexy by then, even with this little baby growing inside.

    • It’s actually getting easier, if you can imagine. I guess my muscles are getting used to the exercise now. I’m sure that means my trainer will add 50 lbs or some other god-awful thing into the mix next.

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