Facebook Keeps Getting Me Into Trouble!

Good News:  I have 30 Facebook “likes”!!!  Bad News:  Facebook keeps getting me into trouble!  That “f” is more like “f u Lisa”

The key to getting people to open your links is to come up with an interesting title and tag line.  I’m pretty good at that.  Last week I went to the Ice Ball and my tag line was, “If you’re my trainer, don’t read this.”  Well guess who read it?  See link to see how much fun that was:  Trouble Over Ice Ball Cometh

Today’s blog post was all about eating protein to build muscle mass.  My post had a picture of me doing a bicep curl and a pic of some eggs and a pic of my niece’s husband and 3 year old with a link to an interview he did talking about muscle mass.  Pretty non-controversial stuff.  But I had to make that eye catching title and tag line, so I wrote this: “Size Doesn’t Matter.  Unless You’re Bodybuilding.  Or having sex.  Then it matters a whole lot.”  Pretty funny, right?

Well, FB decided that the very best picture to use for this post was the one with my niece’s toddler.  OH SHIT!!!!  So I called Bernie with a giant mea culpa and, thank God, she just laughed at me.  I took the pic down from the blog and now have to figure out how to remove the pic from FB.

All I’m saying is…expect really boring titles from me going forward.


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5 responses to “Facebook Keeps Getting Me Into Trouble!

  1. Lol – there’s a way to change the picture when you post the link. On the image that come up when posting a link through a FB page there should be arrows beside it so that you can choose which picture is used. Good luck!

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