Blogger Challenge #5: Favorite Place to Workout

I am a Gym Rat.  I LOVE my gym, 24 Hour Fitness.  I have my own little pack of gym rat friends and we socialize in 3-5 minute increments between sets, passing from the treadmill to the ab area or in the sauna if we are stretching.

The gym is a SUPER SPORT gym, which is fancy for “pay an extra $25/mo. to workout here.”  But it is soooo worth it.  The equipment is new and bright and shiny.  There’s a Kids’ Club were I can deposit my wee ones for 2 hours per day while I sweat.  (I usually just exercise before the kids wake up, but it’s nice to have this option available.)  There is an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.

Honestly, when I first joined the gym at size 14 I didn’t even exercise.  I just liked all the fluffy spa-like things.  But now the gym is like a comfy sneaker.  It’s where I lost all the weight.  It’s where I practiced bikini poses for the first time. It’s where I discovered that strength is as much a mental thing as a muscle thing.  Of course I love my gym!

Now I go to two gyms, actually, since my trainer moved to MetroFlex.  MetroFlex is a hardcore gym for competitive bodybuilders.  They blare music with lyrics like, “Ima pop that p**sy” (what does that even mean?…Please don’t tell me!)  But the people there are really committed to the sport and very knowledgeable about training.  No one there reads on a treadmill.  Ever.  There is nothing fluffy or spa-like.  There isn’t even heat or air conditioning!  But I get the feeling that the closer I get to the competition the more I will like this gym because it will match my mindset.
How about you?  Where is your favorite place to workout?

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6 responses to “Blogger Challenge #5: Favorite Place to Workout

  1. I thought I was the only one going to two gyms. I have a gym in my apartment building and I go to Bally’s Total Fitness. It’s always nice when you friendly people at the gym and you get to know them. It makes the gym much more fun.

  2. Best place for me to workout is at home.I enjoy workout with loud music.The element of happiness should be there while losing weight.If you don’t enjoy it you’ll not lose weight.This is my personal experience:)

  3. I am total gym rat too, the gym is my secret happy place! I think it’s hilarious the differences from gym to gym, I also belong to two different gyms and they have totally different attitudes as well

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