Blogger Challenge #7-Do you log your workouts or keep a food journal?

  Those of you who know me have heard about some of my epic battles with Daniel over the food journal he had me keep.  In a nutshell, I hated that thing.  As evidence, please feel free to read the following stories:

Food Journal,  Lisa vs. Daniel: Round 1,  Lisa vs. Daniel: Round 2

After the competition he dropped the journal thing (thank God!) and would just ask me about my diet.  Honestly, though, he is the Fitness Santa and knows if my diet has been bad or good without me saying a word.  Example from this August before I went on vacation:

“You’ve been eating crap, I can tell.”

“Good morning, Daniel.”

“You’re dehydrated because you’re not drinking water.”

“I know.”

“You’re drinking Diet Cokes, aren’t you?”


“What are you eating for lunch?  Wait – don’t tell me.  I don’t want to know.  It’ll just make me mad.”

Ok, not to brag here, but you have to be doing some seriously impressive cheating on your diet if not even your trainer wants to know what you’ve been eating.  Anyway, we had a nice little “pep talk” last week (which is another story entirely) and I’ve been eating clean ever since.  As I am 8 weeks away from walking on stage in a bikini I now fear public humiliation more than my trainer’s pep talks, so I will be sticking to my diet for real from now until the show.

Fitness Cheerleader also wanted to know if I kept a workout journal.  Why yes, yes I do, because I actually like it!  This is my exercise journal.  I like it because it has a super high heel on the cover, which seemed kind of counter-intuitive for something as macho as weightlifting.  And I figured it would go well with my 5″ heels I have to wear for the competition (which also seems counter-intuitive to me.  Guys don’t wear heels, but whatever.)

This is how I keep track of my workouts:   Top of page gets dated and I write my focus for the day, like “Legs”.  The left side lists the exercise, such as “squats.”  To the right of it you will see  12/12/12 (3 sets of 12 reps) and under this is  50/60/70 (the weight lifted.)  I also write whatever cardio I did for the day, the level and the time (i.e. – stepper, Fat Burn Level 4, 45 minutes.)  If Daniel asks me to weigh myself that day, I’ll mark that down too.

And, of course, sometimes my daughter, Rylee, will put a note in there for me too. 🙂
And you?  Do you keep a food journal or exercise log?

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