Progress Pics: 8 Weeks To Go!

  8 weeks until the Texas State Naturals Championship!  It’s time for me to break out the 5″ heels and start sticking my hips out.  (People at my gym you have been forewarned…)

Yes, I practice those silly poses in the Group X room.  I get a lot of strange looks from the good citizens of 24 Hour Fitness

In two weeks my diet is going to change and I will be eating more protein and fewer carbs.  (Boo hoo!)  Also, everyone around me will be getting paler with the autumn winds; I will be going to the tanning salon twice a week to get a base tan.  (I’ll explain the whole tanning thing in another post.  This sport has some oddities and tanning is one of them.)

I’m hoping to develop a stronger upper body, since I’m a bit lopsided at the moment.  (All those years of marathon running made my legs very muscular, but I never bothered with my arms, so now I’m playing catch up.)

It’s good the kids are in school now because I will have to start going to the gym twice a day again, as my cardio will probably increase.

But I’m having a blast!  I feel myself getting stronger and guess what?  My husband went to the gym with me yesterday – the first time in half a decade!  After we worked out (yesterday was arms day) we took the kids swimming at the gym pool for an hour.

I also managed to take a bunch of pictures of things were are going to sell on Craig’s List to pay for all my competition costs.  So life is plugging along.

Hope you are having a great weekend too!

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