Guess who is the most stressed out person in the world? You!

Did you ever feel like you were the most stressed out person in the world?  Well, according to a new Gallup study, if you are a middle aged mom, you are right!  (Sort of a dubious honor, huh?)

Apparently today’s mom’s are feeling the stress of being sandwiched between caring for kids at home and aging parents, working a job, cleaning the house, and keeping the husband happy.

The first thing to go away is sleep.  Then nutrition/exercise.  Then any “me” time whatsoever.

Click this link to the piece on ABC News about Stressed Out Moms and ways to cope.  Here’s a cheat sheet if you’re one of those stressed out moms and you’re too damn busy to watch a video about it:

  1. Share responsibilities.  Do you have a sibling who can help with your aging parent?  Can you carpool with other moms to cut down on running around with kid activities?
  2. Make “Me” Time – 1 Hour Per Day.  If you are on a plane they say to breath your air mask first before helping others.  Same is true for your sanity.  (Feeling guilty about taking that hour?  Don’t.  Think of it this way, there are 168 hours in a week, if you took an hour a day to relax, that means 96% of your time is still dedicated to everyone else.)

It also helps to keep your sense of humor, so find someone to laugh at.

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2 responses to “Guess who is the most stressed out person in the world? You!

  1. Great tips!! I try to ease my stress with my training and my blog (though sometines keeping up the blog is stressful)

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