Blogger Challenge #8 – Real Housewives of Pflugerville

OK – I’ll admit it:  I’m one of those People of WalmartFitness Cheerleader wanted to know how many workout shoes we owned.  Here’s the scoop:  The bulk of our family’s clothing shopping is done at Walmart twice a year: Christmas and September during Texas Tax Free Weekend.

OK, that’s not entirely true.  My clothing and the kids’ clothing is mostly bought there.  Henri shops at Ross because he has a collection of Ross cards that he gets for Christmas and his birthday.

Previously, I owed two semi-expensive (now stinky and ratty-looking sneakers) that were from “real” shoe stores, purchased eons ago for marathons long since past.   But this Tax Free Weekend I bought 5 new pairs of sneakers for $50 at Walmart.  Yep, $10 a piece. 

But my own personal Cinderella shoes are my 5″ Ellie shoes for competition.  I bought them at La Rouge for $70 and they are fabulous.


And you?  How many workout shoes do you have?

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7 responses to “Blogger Challenge #8 – Real Housewives of Pflugerville

  1. 2. Not that I workout in them, but I needed new sneakers because my feet, knees, hips and back ACHED. This past spring I went to a place called “Princeton Running Store” the very nice lady measured my feet, asked about my sneaker needs and watched me walk. The sea

  2. The sneakers she brought out first fit like a DREAM and I bought two pair. (One white and one black) I spent more on these two pairs of shoes than the last 8 pairs of shoes that I bought in my life.

  3. I have a pair of leather hiking boots that I wear when working on assignments for the newspaper and I have Reeboks because as you well know I have freakish-ly narrow feet, heels and ballet dancer’s arches naturally. Addias also work well for me.

    But my favorite trail sneaker are Keens, made in the USA, pricey, but super comfy and last a long time. I have them in sport sandals, sneakers and clog style. Birks are still an all time fav.

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