Blogger Challenge #9 – Do you workout alone or with others? Why?

  Most days I workout alone, ’cause, let’s face it, who else is awake at 4 a.m.?  But this week Henri got a free pass for 24 Hour Fitness and it’s been so much fun working out with him after work!

Not because he’s my husband and I’m all mushy.  No, no.  I love being able to boss him around in public.  See, he hasn’t seen the inside of a gym in almost half a decade and I am currently Bodybuilder Babe so I’ve been playing the role of personal trainer, which has been seriously pissing him off.

If you know Henri you know that he is a know-it-all, so it has been ridiculously fun for me to tell him to suck in his stomach, bend his knees and not lock out his elbows.  I think I crossed the line when I told him one of his bicep curls didn’t count because he didn’t go low enough, because he glared at me big time.

But he’s only worked out twice and already is showing great muscle tone, lucky bastard!

How would you answer Fitness Cheerleader’s question?  Do you workout alone or with others and why?

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16 responses to “Blogger Challenge #9 – Do you workout alone or with others? Why?

  1. Lol!
    My homey cane a few months ago and refused to get off the treadmill. And my son came in July, worked out with me once and hurt the next day and wouldn’t come back.

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