Blogger Challenge #13: Trophy Wife

Not to brag, but if I had a nickel for every athletic trophy I won, well, I’d be broke.  Seriously, I’ve won nothing.  Zero.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.

I have medals saying that I completed a race, but I never actually won one.  In fact at my first marathon they guy with one leg on a roller-blade beat me over the finish line.  I’m pretty proud about that.  (Brag about that Paul Ryan!)

To say that I’m not good at sports is putting it mildly.  My mom signed me up for gymnastics when I was in kindergarten.  I loved it!

I fell off the balance beam, knocked out a group of six-year-old girls while practicing a round off and came home from each class with fresh bruises.  On the day we were learning the trampoline my coach told me to pick a spot and look ahead.  I told her if I did that I would fall.  She said I wouldn’t.  And as I fell through that miniscule space between the rope and trampoline tarp, ripping my little legs to shreds, I remember thinking, ‘told you.’

Next my mother signed me up for dance class.  I loved it!  I loved my pretty purple tutu and ballet slippers.  I was so good at it they always put me in the back row.  If it weren’t for that whole, ‘you have to remember the dance steps and move in time with the music’ thing, I’m sure I’d be a prima ballerina today.

At the moment I’m doing bikini competitions, because at age 38 and size 14, why break the trend and start winning trophies now?  At my first competition 3 months ago there were only 9 people in the Masters Division (that’s fancy for “old chicks”) and I didn’t even come in 5th place!  (But in my heart I’m pretty sure I came in 6th.)

One day I hope to win a real trophy and not be the Susan Lucci of bodybuilding.   So when Fitness Cheerleader asks what my proudest fitness accomplishment is, I’m afraid I have no shiny medal to offer, no plaque to hold, no title to print after my name.

But here’s what I did win:  I won confidence that makes me stand taller.  I triumphed over my unhealthy habits and learned how to eat better.  I succeeded in building more strength mentally and physically than I’ve ever had in my life.  So even though I lost…I won.

(But one day I really, really, really want a shiny trophy.)

What about you?  What’s your proudest fitness moment?

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12 responses to “Blogger Challenge #13: Trophy Wife

  1. My proudest fitness moment would have to be completing my first 1/2 marathon. I didn’t reach my time goal, but running has always been the hardest thing for me to do but also the one thing that I have pushed myself to get through.

  2. At 32 I picked up a tennis raquet. My whold life I’vd been athletic. At 34 I went back to Jr. College to finish my degree. I joined the tennis team. I was alot older than the other girls, but I wanted to play. My proudest fitness moment was winning the district doubles finals, ( having gone undefeated…) with my tennis partner and having the chance to compete in regionals for the state finals. We lost in the finals, but at 34, playing with and against a crew of 18 to 20 year olds, I say…not bad.

  3. That is a fantastic read, your style is great! But as you mentioned in the post, you won the most important thing during all those events. Confidence and an attitude that can’t be beat, And you are *smoking* in that swimsuit!

  4. heheheh LOVE the way you wrote this! I hear ya. I ran races for a while, last Dec I came third in my age group and got what I call “real” medal. My first one for placing anywhere and it felt good! I haven’t run since though 😉 Medals are nothiing, self confidence is EVERYTHING!

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