Challenge #11 – Check Out These 5 Health/Fitness Blogs

Since you’re are bored at work and trolling the web anyway (you know who you are) check out these blogs:

  1. Peonut.  Amy is a twentysomething working on figuring out life while fitting in workouts.  She’s one of those off-beat people where you’re reading her post and then you have to stop, re-read, and ask, did she just say that?!  Needless to say; I’m hooked.
  2. Fitness Cheerleader.  The woman who started all the blogger challenges I’ve been doing.  Her site covers all things health and fitness: food, running and fit family.
  3. ConcreteNCoffee.  This Fit Mama’s mantra?  Try harder.  Push farther.  When in doubt, drink more coffee.
  4. Life With A Dash of Pepper.  Pepper cracks me up.  She does Fitness Competitions, talks her co-workers into trying scary vegan food and offers recipes for things like protein cupcakes (it’s a bodybuilder thing…)
  5. Nutty Alternatives.  This is a blog about how one mom helped to cure a lot of her kids’ medical ailments just by changing their diet and eating clean.  There is a lot of good information about food allergies, gluten-free, wheat-free and healthy alternatives in general.  I met Kelly at my gym because once upon a time we both trained with Daniel for different fitness competitions (small world, huh?)


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