4 Tips to Avoid the Flu

Ah, the cold and flu season is upon us.  How do I know?  Because everyone in my family but me looked like the scene from the Exorcist this weekend.   I spent my time disinfecting everything, washing my hands every 30 seconds and praying to God that I would not get what they had.  Keep your fingers crossed…

  Anyway, they are all napping now, so I thought I’d post some tips from WebMD:

4 Ways to Avoid Catching — and Spreading — the Flu Virus (from WebMD)

1. Achoo! Cover Your Mouth and Nose to Stop the Flu
It starts with a tickle, a prickle, an itch: Achoo! Cover up that sneeze to avoid spreading flu germs. Here’s the latest tip on how to cover up the right way.
2. Prevent Flu: Soap Away Germs
Scrubbing germy hands is one of the top tips for preventing spread of the flu. So is a quick splash-and-dash all you need?
3. Don’t Be Touchy: Keep Your Hands Off Your Face
Rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth is a sure-fire way to get the flu. But how long are surfaces contagious?

4. Good Health Beats the Flu: The Power of Healthy Habits
When you’re in good health, your immune system is stronger. So keep yourself in top health this flu season — and throughout next year! Here are five healthy habits to get hooked on.

Also – it’s not listed here but I’m going to get a flu shot.  I seriously do not want what they have!

Stay healthy,


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