“I constantly struggle to get out of bed and run before work. I set my alarm, it goes off, I wake up, shut it off, and because I am so tired and not motivated, I just roll over and try to get another hour of sleep. Charla’s haiku was about winning the struggle. I commented on her haiku saying how impressed I was that she got up and did it, since I don’t usually. She replied back with something that hit home. She said I should stop waiting to become motivated and just be determined.

– Cathy from My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

That post really got me thinking.

When you’re motivated, things are great.  You do the right things:  eat well, exercise, keep your life balanced.   But motivation is fleeting sometimes isn’t it?  What happens when you’ve had a bad day, or you’re little tired, or it’s Tuesday in Austin and it’s raining outside?  Life can get pretty unbalanced pretty fast, can’t it?

But determination?  That’s not going away.  You can see it in a person’s eyes.  Their eyes say, “Yes, I’ve had a bad day, and yes, I’m so tired, and yes, there is a monsoon pouring down, but nothing is going to stop me.  And I hope my determination motivates you.”


Stay determined.

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