Blogger Challenge #21 – List 5 New-To-You Healthy Foods

Oh Fitness Cheerleader, please excuse my tardiness on all your blogger challenges!  How did it get to be day 21 already?  I’m sure it should only be like day 8 or something…

5 New-To-Me Health Foods

Well before this year I pretty much ate like crap, so everything is new to me.  Here’s what I learned to love:

1.  Sweet Potatoes.  They ROCK!  I can eat 5 oz. of sweet potatoes with 5 sprays of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter with meals 3 and 4 and can even have a sweet potato pancake with cinnamon for breakfast.  Morning bliss.  Ahh.

2.  Protein Pudding.  This is really one scoop of Dutch Chocolate Isopure Protein Powder plus a little crushed ice and a slash of water.  It makes me feel like I’m eating dessert with my family when actually I’m being quite healthy.



3.  Eggs.  Ok, these are not new to me but since I have to eat them all the time I better commit to loving them.  I can have egg whites and salsa for breakfast if I’m not in a pancake mood.  By the way, want to be my egg sponsor? 😉

4.  Quinoa.  Gluten-free and packed with protein it has a nutty flavor and tastes great.  I even ate it in the off season.

5.  Stevia.  I’m not sure this counts as a food or not, but I love it.  My friend Dave W. introduced it to me when we stayed with him this summer in CA.  It’s made from a root, so it’s natural, and is sweet like sugar but has zero calories.

What about you?  Do you have some new-to-you foods you’d like to share?

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11 responses to “Blogger Challenge #21 – List 5 New-To-You Healthy Foods

  1. Not exactly new to me, but eggs are on my list. I find that I can have them with anything now for any meal, and I’m happy. It’s not longer “UGH eggs…” Cottage cheese is new to me, in the past I couldn’t stand the texture. Now I love my cottage cheese pancakes! And last new food to me would be natural peanut butter. I thought reduced-fat peanut butter was a good option, but natural peanut butter is definitely the way to go.

  2. Butternut squash – similar to sweet potatoes, but even less starchy, and barley – a whole grain with the feel of a comfort food (plus a decent dose of protein)

  3. I really wish I love sweet potatoes. they are too close to squash for me 😉 I love everything else on your list. stevia is kind of new to me too but it’s a great alternative to sugar!

  4. I totally get the egg thing. I currently have 4 dozen eggs in my fridge that should be gone in no time between me and my husband!

    I have a great recipe for Sweet Potato Hash that I should be posting about soon. I can’t get enough sweet potatoes!


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