Ice Cream Cake and Lasagna

  If you are my trainer, I’m totally cool with you reading this post.  Even though it describes my sheer bliss over eating ice cream cake a few days ago.  And the fact that I’m going to eat a humongous serving of lasagna tomorrow.  Know why you can read it?  Because you approved it!

Yes, mark your calendar folks, Daniel let me eat crap 6 1/2 weeks before my next show.  How did this craziness come about?  Well, I was at Walmart (of course) getting birthday cake for Henri and even though I already knew the answer, I felt it was worth the attempt to ask for ice cream cake.  Allow me to share my text messages with you…

  • 9/19/12 Lisa:  On a scale of 1-10, 1 meaning no problem and 10 meaning hell no, what r my chances of eating a slice of ice cream cake tonite for Henri’s 50th birthday?
  • Daniel:  U know the answer to that
  • Lisa:  Ah man…fine.  I’ll eat protein pudding.
  • Daniel:  You’re 6 weeks, right?  (OMG, is he actually considering this????)
  • Lisa:  6 1/2 weeks.  (That extra 1/2 week makes all the difference in the world right?  Cause it’s more like 7 or 10 weeks out.)
  • Daniel:  Okay.  I haven’t seen you lately.  (Because I’ve been taking care of my family with The Exorcist stomach flu.)  How much u weigh?
  • Lisa(This could be a trick question.  I’m not supposed to weigh myself, but fuck it, I want ice cream cake.) 111
  • Daniel:  What kinda cake?
  • Lisa:  Carvel ice cream cake
  • Daniel: And can you stick to one piece?
  • Lisa:  Yes, yes, yes!
  • Daniel:  Okay one small piece and this is your cheat meal.  (Seriously????  Daniel?????  Did I text the wrong trainer?)
  • Lisa:  YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK U!!!!
  • Daniel:  One small piece.  (Did you notice he felt the need to repeat that?)
  • Lisa:  Promise
  • Daniel:  Don’t eat it past 7pm and don’t have any carbs and I’d prefer it be after u workout
  • Lisa:  Done  (I will agree to any oddball rules if it means I can eat cake.)
  • Daniel:  If u can, just enjoy
  • Lisa:  🙂
  • Daniel:  No more.  Got it?  (Guess he didn’t believe my “promise”)
  • Lisa:  Yes!  I promise I will only have 1 small piece after I workout 🙂
  • Daniel:  Perfect…Have a protein shake after as well.
  • Lisa:  Will do.  YAY!
  • Daniel:  After that u have to stay on track.

So then I called Henri speaking so fast I barely made sense.  “YouhavetocomehomefromworkontimesoIcangetaworkout inandthenbedonesoIcanhavecakebecauseithastobeaftertheworkoutbutbefore7pmsocomehomenowok?”

He’s been dealing with crazy things like this for a while now, (we’ve been together 12 years) so he just went with it and we all had a good time.  And look, I even made him younger!






It was hard to tell who was happier about the cake – Little Henry or me.






Oh what joy one (1) small piece of cake, after a workout, before 7 pm, with a protein shake can bring 🙂

I’m going to eat lasagna too, but that’s another story.

Lisa (c) 2012 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

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