Training with Jillian Michaels + What’s Ahead

My BFF from childhood, Meghan Montague, is going to be training with Jillian Michaels today!  It’s part of a fitness expo she is doing in New Jersey this weekend.  I’ve asked her to take a lot of pictures and do a guest blog about it.  So more on that in the next day or two.

Clean eating has been, shall we say, a hardship for me.  But I really want to learn more about it because I’m beginning to realize just how much impact food has on so many aspects of your body:  your mood, your complexion, your heart rate and, oh yeah, your waistline.  So I’ve asked my friend, Kelly, to do a few guest posts for me about food.  We workout at the same gym and swap stories about training for fitness competitions.  Her blog is Nutty Alternatives.

Finally, on the exercise front, I’m excited to audit a boot camp interval class next week that my friend, Jessica Clark, is teaching.  I met Jessica backstage at the Adela Garcia Classic.  In addition to doing bikini competitions she is an actress and personal trainer at MOVE Austin Fitness, 2414 Exposition Suite B-110, Austin, Texas,  Looking forward to blogging about it!

Jessica Clark

Talk to you soon!

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