Guest Blogger, Meghan Montague: My Class with Jillian Michaels – Raw and Unfiltered!

Meghan (in blue) with her friend, Jackie

My Class with Jillian Michaels – Raw and Unfiltered!

By Meghan Montague

Jillian Michaels is having a class in Atlantic City! I couldn’t believe it, this is a once in a life time opportunity, I admire her on many levels and couldn’t pass it up. I signed up instantly and instantly I was scared. What have I done? She is the most feared and toughest like trainers ever!!! I started kicking up my workouts instantly, then my toddler stopped sleeping through the nights and so did I and there went my workouts…again. Crap! I will never be ready for her class – it’s only 4 weeks away.

Fast forward to day of, I have worked out very little and am now afraid she really will end me as she has threatened in her videos. In anticipation I walk for 3 1/2 hours before her class around AC checking out the Fitness Expo they had going on that drew her in the first place, shopping at the outlets and then walking 23 blocks to the casino where her class was. My left hamstring was cramping, oh god I am in trouble! There is nothing like exhausting yourself before going to the hardest workout in the world. Not well planned, but here I am.

After waiting for 40 minutes we walk into the ballroom all decked out and ready for a workout, Jillian is sitting on stage. I can’t believe I am seeing her, that she will be yelling at me momentarily to jump higher and she will kill me if I stop moving! I found a place in the back and as she starts talking; I want to cry like a little groupie. She is who I want to be. I admire her life’s ambition to help people get healthy and reach their potentials and get past all the BS excuses. She sees through all of it. She makes no mention of her new video or any other video, she is truly there to work us out and that she did!
She had us do moves I have never seen and didn’t think the body could do. At one point I turned to my friend and asked if we still working the same leg, we must have switched without me knowing because this was like torture! I now wanted to cry because the pain was so intense. She is throwing f-bombs and yelling at all us “Bitches” to bring it and we better not mouth off or she will make us work harder! Well, someone mouthed off and we had to do an extra set of some crab kicks, what?!! She told one person she would break their knee if they tried to drop it to the ground. She is intense and so much FUN!! You can pretend all you want she is yelling at you through the tv but until she is really yelling at you, you just can’t imagine. She came onto the floor a couple times and came close to us, the lady next to me ran for water when she saw her coming!

We made it through. 40 minutes of the best workout I have ever had. Jillian is the real deal, it was the best experience and I am hoping like hell she comes back next year! I can’t hardly move today, but I know now my limits far surpass what I thought and tomorrow when I can walk again I am going to run!!



Thanks for guest blogging, Meghan!  Damn, and I thought Daniel was mean…

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