Blogger Challenge #22 – Starbucks Anyone?

Fitness Cheerleader question of the day:  Do you drink coffee?  Yes, but oh, how my order has changed…

Then:   “I will have a Starbucks venti caramel macchiato upside down with extra caramel, whipped cream and 4 packets of Splenda please.  I take my coffee like I like my men:  sweet, yet complicated.”

Now:  “I’ll have black coffee please.  I take my coffee like I like my HBO specials:  dark and bitter.”

OK, I add 2 packets of Stevia and a few drops of vanilla extract that I carry in my purse.  But damn, I miss a good cup of liquid sugar sometimes.

How do you take your Starbucks? (c) 2012 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.

12 responses to “Blogger Challenge #22 – Starbucks Anyone?

  1. I too used to have a full fat, full sugar Vanilla latte.. at times having a mocha with the delicious whipped cream on top. I’m not ready to have black coffee.. so now I have a 1/2 sweet white mocha americano…

  2. I can’t do black coffee. Can not. At home I use cream and splenda or stevia and at Starbucks I usually get a skinny latte, sometimes with sugar free vanilla. My absolute favourite is a gingerbread latte, which I always get once around Christmas, sugar be damned!

  3. Up here in Canada it’s Tim hortons over Starbucks but it used to be 4-5 large (grande) double cream(yes, real yummy whole cream) double sugar.
    Now peppermint tea – straight.

  4. So funny but true… I remember a life of unabashed half and half use!!! Ahhhh… Now, I too know the dark side. Have you ever tried the liquid stevia drops???? They are amazing (and comp friendly if Daniel agrees ;)). Check them out on amazon if your local store doesn’t carry them. BTW, you are looking great!

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