Blogger Challenge: My Dream Fitness Vacation

My idea of a dream vacation involves being parked on a beach next to my husband with a fruity cocktail in hand.  But a fitness vacation?  I never even thought of that, Fitness Cheerleader!

So, my first choice would be the 2012 Olympia competition this weekend in Las Vegas.  It’s one of the biggest bodybuilding competitions and they have model searches too.  The people in this show are at the top of their games, so it would be great to watch them on stage.   Like any huge sporting convention, there will also be free giveaways from sponsors and that kind of thing.  I’m all for free protein powder.  Plus the event is in Las Vegas and Henri is really good at black jack, so if he hits a good run the vacation would pay for itself.  Alas….perhaps we will go next year.

Next choice?  Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon.

Spinning Sleeping Beauty



Rylee is all about Disney princesses.  In fact during the photo shoot by Caroline Poe Photography, she changed princess costumes at least three times!  So it would be a ton of fun to put on a tutu over our running clothes and race to the castle.  This will be a fun mother-daughter thing when she gets a little older.

And finally….

So, you know how I told you I’m going to be a zombie cheerleader for Halloween?  Well, apparently there is a 5k race where…get this…you get chased by ZOMBIES!!!   How cool is that???  Another blogger I follow just finished one and I asked him to do a guest blog post about it.  I’ll put it up shortly.  Here’s his blog:

Those are my dream fitness vacations.  What are yours?

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