Mel’s Machines

  Hello Week 5!  Bust out your heels and strike a pose ’cause it’s time for POSING CLASS!  Yesterday was my first session with my new posing coach, Melissa Merritt.

Last year she trained two of the three 1st Place winners at the Texas Shredder (Class A and Class B) and she also did some posing coaching for the 1st place Class C winner.  This is the picture on the wall at Metroflex Gym of the three 1st place winners.

A lot of people training for bodybuilding competitions are part of teams, where they train 2-3 times with the same personal trainer.  Sometimes they will wear t-shirts.  Like at Metroflex I see people wearing Team Bam Bam shirts.  Melissa’s team is called Mel’s Machines, so I’m part of that posing class.

Anyway, she had me do my routine from last time and then gave me new poses to try before she selected the ones that looked best for my body.  Posing for the bikini division is all about curves.  Since I’m not naturally curvy (alas) we have to do optical illusions via placement of hands on waist, curving the small of your back, pointing your toes in a certain direction and so forth.

   Here’s one front pose I’m working on.  I can’t seem to keep my toes pointed in the right direction though.  Oops!  The pic is small because it’s from Mel’s phone.

The class meets tomorrow at 11 a.m.  Wish me luck!

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