September Goals – How’d I Do?

  Last month I had three goals:

1.  Enter another blogger challenge.

2.  Do 400 lunges a day to lift my booty.

3.  Have a yard sale to raise money for my competition costs.

    How did I do?

1.  Took part in the September Fitness Cheerleader Blogger Challenge.  Yay!  Only, I haven’t completed all the challenges.  As a newbie parent to sending kids to school I was under the mistaken assumption that my kids would have to do homework, not me.  Ha!  Registration forms, teacher conferences, homework packets, figuring out which school allows peanuts but not chocolate milk, OMG it was craziness!  So my blogger challenge suffered the consequences.  Sorry!

2.  400 lunges a day/5 days a week/50 lb. bar on my back.  (Daniel added the weight after, ’cause he’s mean.)  I am happy to say that I DID IT!!!  The lunges, I mean.  I’m not sure if my butt lifted, but I think it did.  And, yes, I’m going to post two bum shots now.

Start of the month

The one with the white bikini was taken at the start of the month in my home and the one with the blue bikini was taken at my posing class a few days ago.   Looks like it lifted a little.  Yahoo!!!!

   3.  Raise money via a yard sale.  Well…this is kind of funny.  I took literally 3 suitcases full of kids clothes to a consignment shop and guess how much I made?  $6.20.  Seriously.  They were 3rd generation hand-me-downs, but still…  I also took a bunch of pictures of strollers and Elmo chair type things to sell on Craigslist but haven’t posted them yet.  Cross your fingers I make more than a cup of venti Starbucks coffee.

So the yard sale did not work out…but I did get MY 1ST SPONSORSHIP!!!

Simply Skin is my awesome sponsor offering a skin tightening rate of $60/session with the promo code SHES LOSING IT and here is the contact info:

Elizabeth Emerson
Simply Skin/3Graces MedSpa
6101 Balcones Drive Ste 100
And I had three add on goals:  Find eggs, Eat Clean and Get 30 Likes on Facebook.
Got the egg hook up from Rylee’s friend’s mother (she raises chickens!  How awesome is that?!)
Did not Eat Clean a couple times.  Got called out big time.  Oops.
Met and exceeded the FB Goal!  Now have 49 “likes”!  And got in trouble (twice) in the process!  (Read here for details.)
How did you do on your September goals?
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2 responses to “September Goals – How’d I Do?

  1. You are so awesome! I have fallen behind this week in reading, but I am doing my best to get back into a routine. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store and see how awesome your reunion goes!

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