Interesting info on that great kids’ staple – peanut butter.

Healthnut Nutrition

Forget the PB and jelly sandwich because they are so old news! With all these new nut butters coming out on the grocery shelves how can you resist?

Not only is regular peanut butters sad excuse for a healthy fat/protein but it contains a high amount of sugar and salt! Last time I checked peanuts didn’t obtain either one, so why does our peanut butter?

Did you know the regular peanut butter contains ingredients like: soybean oil, corn dextrin, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and salt! Gross… Right? Not to mention most consumers are adding this stuff onto white (empty calories) bread with high sugar jams. Well no wonder kids can’t concentrate after lunch time once they’ve just consumed about 18 grams of sugar alone. Your taste buds only need a few days to adjust to a new taste an after it does you will actual find that the regular stuff…

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