Men Do This Too??? No Way!

Elizabeth Emerson

I am diametrically opposed to housework, so the very last thing I want is a permanent “mother’s apron” around my belly.  Heck, I don’t even want a real apron over my belly!  (FYI – “mother’s apron” is fancy for saggy skin around your midsection after having kids.  It also happens if, like me, you lost a significant amount of weight.)

Today was my second session with my FABULOUS sponsor Elizabeth Emerson with Simply Skin.  I’m going in for three sessions of skin tightening on my stomach.  It’s not plastic surgery; I don’t want to look like some movie star.  Just want to look like myself before I gained the extra 50 lbs. and stretched out my poor skin in the process.

Elizabeth is pretty pleased with the results so far (as am I!)  Skin tightening is a good procedure if you are within 10% of your goal weight and it also helps if you exercise regularly.  It’s not designed to remove fat like liposuction or a tummy tuck.  It just stimulates your own collagen in your skin to firm everything up.   I’ll be honest – the first time I went in I was a little scared and it stung a little, but this time it didn’t hurt at all; maybe because I knew what to expect.

I thought skin tightening was something that only us mommies did, but it can be done on any part of the body apparently.  She said a lot of her clients are actually men!  Who knew?  She said a lot of men will get the procedure done under their chins and their jowls if they lost weight recently and they also like to get laser hair removal done.  (‘Cause, really, who wants to shave their husband’s back all the time?  Let’s hear it for laser technology!)

If you (or your man) want to give skin tightening a try, use the promo code SHES LOSING IT and get a super-low rate of $60/session (a total of $180.)  This rate is good until November 3, 2012.

Here is her contact info:

Elizabeth Emerson
Simply Skin/3Graces MedSpa
6101 Balcones Drive Ste 100

Keeping it real,

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One response to “Men Do This Too??? No Way!

  1. I like that there’s a solution to saggy skin that isn’t invasive. I want to encourage people to lose weight and be healthy (of course) but I’m sure it’ll be helpful if they know there’s a procedure out there to help them with getting rid of the stuff that burning calories alone won’t take care of, like excess skin.

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