Blogger Challenge #18: Does Nike’s “Greatness” Ad Exploit Fat People?

Nike has been getting mixed reviews on its newest ad, “Greatness,” featuring an obese 12 year old jogging.  Here is the ad for your reference:

Nike’s “Greatness” Ad

My personal take?  It’s incredibly inspiring.  The whole point of it is that greatness is not reserved for elite athletes, it is earned one step at a time and reminds us that even if you’re off course at this particular moment in time you can reclaim your health at any moment as well.

According to USA Today, 2 out of 3 American adults are obese (defined as being 20% overweight,) and childhood obesity has skyrocketed to the point where the current generation of children is not expected to have a longer life expectancy then their parents, so this ad resonates with lots of people.

And whereas the Atlanta Strong 4 Life ad campaign seemed to mock the obese kids and shame parents, Nike celebrates the obese kid taking charge of his life.

From a personal reference, I can tell you that when I was 50 lbs. overweight I felt enough shame I really didn’t need an ad to make me feel worse.  I knew I was off track. Felt the tightness of my clothes.  Wanted to just lie in bed and cry the day I had to buy size 14 pants.  Tried every fad diet there was only to end up on my couch with a bag of chips enjoying the taste for the moment then feeling even worse than before.  No, I didn’t need an ad to mock me and say, “Stay away from the buffet line.”

Easter 2011

But to see someone in an ad, someone who is in the exact same point in life as me (or even worse) deciding that they are not going to sit on a couch, or cry in bed, or make excuses, but just take one step every single day towards their goal, well that’s inspiring as hell, I think.

So I applaud Nike’s “Greatness” ad.  Because if that 12 year old can do it, so can I; and so can you.

Fitness – Just Do It.

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7 responses to “Blogger Challenge #18: Does Nike’s “Greatness” Ad Exploit Fat People?

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  2. I think this is the first “before” pic i have seen of you. your transformation is amazing. congrats! all of your hard work is totally paying off. i wish i had half of your commitment!

    • Thanks 🙂 I try to hide my “before” picture because I hate it so much. You have a ton of commitment! I love reading your posts – they help me to stay determined 😉

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