DSST: Can I Have Pancakes Even Though I Just Binged in NJ a Few Days Ago?

It’s now time for another episode of Dumb Shit I Said to my Trainer

Daniel texts me to schedule our next training session for Monday, which we confirm for 9 a.m. and then…

Daniel:  See u then!  Someone asked you at 24 if you cheated?

Lisa:  YES!!!  (Several people, actually.  My diet cheating is becoming notorious it seems.)

Daniel:  So I read!  How is your diet?

Lisa:  I’m sticking to the schedule and the meal plan

Daniel:  Perfect!!  Your weight staying the same?

Lisa:  Will check now.  I weigh 111.

Daniel:  That’s perfect!!  I want you to stay around there for now.

Lisa:  Ok…can I eat pancakes tomorrow?

Daniel:  No!!!!!!!!  (Eight exclamation points, really?)  You’ve already lost that right.  You could’ve if you didn’t have that weekend.  I didn’t expect you to eat like you did in Jersey.  So, no, but I figured ud know the answer.

Sometimes I ask him stupid shit just to see how many exclamation points he will write after he says no. 😉

The End.


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