Progress Pics – 3 Weeks!!!!

3 weeks to go…a mere 20 days left until the Texas State Natural Championships.  As you can see, I’m getting my tan on.  Just came back from posing class with Mel’s Machines and getting ready to go to Bible study/Crossfit (that still makes me laugh.)

I’m so relieved I didn’t cheat last night at Lucrecia’s party.  (You have no idea how stressed out I was about that.)  But God works in mysterious ways…we couldn’t find a babysitter to go out so we had to post on our church’s online community page last minute, and guess who answered?  A girl also competing in the Texas State Naturals, who is also a blogger!  How random is that?

And while I was at the party I met a woman who used to be a model and she was giving me pointers on how to walk in heels without falling over.  🙂

At this point before my first show I was completely freaking out.  I was 114 lbs., did not believe I would ever be ready, kept falling into coffee tables in my heels practicing at home and could not stay awake due to the cut carbs and extra cardio in my schedule.  Daniel told me, “this is when the magic happens,” and I told him I didn’t believe in magic.

This time around – I do believe in magic and I can’t wait to get on that stage again.

Hope you are doing well with your fitness goals too!


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