This is a Test

This is a test.  You have 3 weeks to go before show day and you are invited to a party at Dave and Lucrecia’s high rise overlooking Lady Bird Lake.  This is the same couple your trainer would refer to as a “bad influence” with respect to clean eating.  (See:  One Beer’s OK, Right? and Trouble Over the Ice Ball Cometh)

The food placed in front of you looks fantastically good and smells even better, causing your mouth to salivate like Pavlov’s dog.

Do you:

  • a) Demonstrate complete control drinking only bottled water and earning a much deserved golf clap from the party’s attendees.
  • b) Behave like a reasonable adult, sticking to the grilled chicken and roasted vegetables, singing, “La, la, la, la, la,” in your head to block out Daniel’s voice saying, “You don’t know how they made that chicken…”
  • c) Go just a teensy-weensy overboard, just a little bit, eating the above-mentioned healthy choices plus a few (ok –  a plate) of crackers with high-end cheese and one (ok – four Diet Cokes) knowing that you can do cardio penance for the next 20 days?
  • d) Party like it’s last week in New Jersey

What would you do?

Guess what I did?


Ha!  Ha!  Well, you’re wrong!  Cause I only drank water last night!!!  Go me!

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