April 2012

Daniel wants me to go to the Texas Shredder show so I will have an idea of what to expect for my own show in June.  He, as well as a group of people from my gym, will be competing.  You can tell who the contestants are; they look fabulous!

One of the competitors is Chris.  She was the trainer I did three sessions with in November and who told me about the bodybuilding competition in the first place.  She was planning to enter it to ‘kick it up a notch’ and stretch her own fitness goals.

“But won’t you look like a man?” I asked shocked.

“Not in the bikini division.  You look soft and toned.”

“I’m in!”

Yes, in mere seconds I had committed myself mentally to the craziest, most intense sport on the planet: bodybuilding.  But then I felt weird about training with someone I would have to compete against.  So after much anguish and guilt I switched to having Daniel as my trainer.  (Actually, I just told the 24 manager I wanted a trainer who was a bodybuilder; I didn’t even meet him until the first session.)

In typical awkward fashion I was afraid she might be mad at me, but today I saw her in the gym and she looked beautiful and just so happy, so I went up to her.

“You look great!” I said.

“I lost 6% body fat in a month!” she beamed.  (BTW – she was already insanely fit before she started training.)

“I’m glad I’m not competing against you.”  She shrugged her shoulders.  I opened my mouth but she stopped me.

“You don’t have to explain a thing to me,” and she hugged me.

“I’m going to see you this weekend to cheer you on.  Were you practicing in there?”  (She was in the Group X room with another competitor.)

“Yeah.  It’s so weird doing all the poses.  You have to remember to do so many things!”

“And the heels you were both wearing are so big!”

“Five inches!”

“You both had the same shoes.”

“You have to get clear shoes called Ellies.  They elongate your leg.”

“Where did you buy them?”

Le Rogue,” she whispers.

“What’s that?” I ask stupidly.

“It’s where all the strippers go to get their heels.”

“Oh..OH.”  We both giggle and chit chat some more before I head into the locker room.  I see my friend in there and ask what she’s going to do for the weekend and I tell her, “I’m going to see the Texas Shredder.  And then I guess I’m going to buy heels at some place called Le Rogue.”

“Oh yeah, that’s where all the strippers go.”

How am I the only person in Austin who did not know this?



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