My Thoughts Are With You, New Jersey

A lot of people who read this blog are from Australia, Canada and Kuwait (really,) so you might not have heard about Hurricane Sandy and it’s devastating effects on the East Coast, particularly my home state of New Jersey.

It hit last week and absolutely destroyed sections of the coastline.  Many people are still without power and they are rationing gasoline.

My mom was ok but my brother and his girlfriend only got power back on Thursday.  Mom said the wind was the most terrifying sound she ever heard, and at 74 she’s been through quite a few storms.  She said it sounded like a woman moaning, crying.

My friend, Meghan, said another storm is expected in a few days, so she’s pretty nervous.  It might be rain, but as the night temperature has dropped to about 27 degrees F now everyone is afraid there might be snow.

It’s hard seeing images of places where I grew up, where I spent my summers, just washed out to sea.

If there is one good thing that happened it’s that for once the politicians worked together.  Everyone I spoke with from home is giving high marks to Governor Chris Christi and President Obama.   Let’s hope the trend continues after the election is over and the power is back on.

If you would like to help, please contact the Red Cross by clicking here:  Red Cross Donations.

Tonight kids in New Jersey are celebrating Halloween.  I hope it helps give everyone a little stress relief break.

My thoughts are with you, New Jersey.

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8 responses to “My Thoughts Are With You, New Jersey

  1. Christie is my Jersey boy! I caught his press conference today, I can’t remember what he said, but he’s funny!

    Wait, I do remember. Some reporter told him that at the last press conference he “sounded like a recording” because he said the FEMA number too many times. Christie jokes about this and said the number about 4 more times, and said that he wanted the TV channels to put the number “right here” gesturing around to the front of the podium, “right across the seal” (of NJ) I think people are calling various state offices begging for help. It’s not that the office they call is without compassion, but the path through the bureaucracy starts with calling that number.

  2. Canada felt the storm too, not half as bad as jersey but still one of the craziest storms I’ve ever experienced. Hearts and prayers are with everyone effected

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