Day #8 – Do You Prefer Exercising Alone or in a Class?

Generally speaking, I’m a bit of a loner and considering exercising “me time.”  I have my own little routine from eating my almonds to selecting my workout playlist to coordinate with the muscle group I’m working.  Sometimes I like to try new exercises I find online from or from other bloggers, and that takes time to figure out the correct form.

When you workout in a group all that control freak stuff I cling to is gone.  The instructor chooses the music and the exercises and if it is a popular class there isn’t really any time for him or her to correct your form.  There is also some of that mama drama sometimes that I like to avoid.

One thing I preferred doing in a class was posing lessons.  Everyone felt kind of silly and embarrassed and supported each other, by clapping or saying, “Bring it, girl!”  At the Athlete’s Meeting it was very calming to have a group of friends to sit with, kind of like finding the good cafeteria table at school lunch.

I guess the difference between the big class and the small group was that the small group was more personal and oddly less competitive.  I’m looking forward to starting up my figure team workouts as part of Mel’s Machines team.

But I’ll still workout on my own too. 😉

How about you?  Do you prefer working out alone or in a class?

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26 responses to “Day #8 – Do You Prefer Exercising Alone or in a Class?

  1. I prefer classes as it’s usually within my ‘fun’ time Friday nights…I think it’s a letting go of the control freak tendencies (am like that at college) that helps me work better in groups at work and college.

    I do like working out on my own when I have an extra freebie hour on my Wii Fit board.

  2. I prefer working out with just one other friend over anything but definitely by myself instead of in a group.

  3. It truly depends on my mood. Not sure that’s a very technical answer. But sometimes a partner is good encouragement other times the quiet is nice too.

  4. I keep a balance of both – I get my “me time” alone workouts three days a week, and I teach class three times a week … so I guess I still maintain control over all of them, it’s just a matter of if I torture myself (in a good way) in silence or make the class suffer with me 😉

  5. ALONE! 🙂 But it’s nice there are options for everyone. I watch the Zumba class and laugh at all the women shakin’ what their momma gave ’em. But honestly, they are better than me because I don’t have the courage to go to a Zumba class. 🙂

  6. I prefer working out alone to working out with a class, but working out with a partner who can challenge me is the best. I have very strict workouts that I can’t imagine doing with a class or large group. When I lift I really focus, and I listen to heavy metal music, which isn’t everyone’s favorite type of music.

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