Day #9 – Your Favorite Football Story

My little quarterback

I hated going to my brother’s football games in high school.  It was Jersey, so it was always cold outside, I never understood what was going on in the game, and clearly I was not a cheerleader.

Which is why everyone was a bit perplexed when I told them I was joining the Powder Puff football team my senior year.  Powder Puff was one game, played Thanksgiving night, between junior and senior girls in my high school.

I had never done sports before, so I basically knew no one, except for Dawn McGrath, who was in all my classes.  The coaches knew most of the girls from field hockey or soccer.  Then there was me.  After making me run around the field and push things they gave me my position:

Tight End.

(The irony is not lost on me.)  On the plus side I got to drive my mom’s car to football practice.  On the down side I had to go to football practice.

There was this sheet of plays with circles and arrows and x’s that we were supposed to memorize, but that was far too complicated for me, so I just ran next to Dawn and tried to smack down anyone who tried to rip off her flag.

I guess I did ok because the coach put me in the game enough for my mother to be impressed.  (She does not impress easily – she’s Irish Catholic.)  I’d like to say I had one of those Hallmark moments where I made a touchdown or learned something poetic or something, but for the life of me I still don’t understand that game.   But, hey, it sure was fun being called Tight End for a night.

How about you?  Do you a  football story?

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