Day #13 – Favorite Fall Harvest Recipe

My favorite, favorite, favorite fall recipe is sweet potato pancakes.  Click here to get the recipe (it’s at the end of the blog post.  Note: you can use pumpkin or sweet potatoes.)

But I’m currently on the hunt for clean desserts (is that even possible?) that I can make for Thanksgiving. Specifically, I want to make chocolate chips cookies (of course) and apple pie.

While this recipe is not exactly a pie, it comes close. I found it on

Author: hgarner78


“Time to work on cleaning up fall desserts, this one was super yummy. I do not like traditional pie crust, never have, it is too dry and “packy” for me. I have always been the one at the table scrapping of the filling!! So I made my version of apple pie but clean without all the butter and sugar. Loved it!! I made a single serving, but you could easily make this in a pie dish.



Apple Pie

3 crushed honey graham crackers
1 tsp. coconut oil

Apple, sliced
Pinch each of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves
Couple tablespoons of water
Drizzle of honey

Yogurt flavored with vanilla whey and cinnamon
Grape nuts

Stew the apples on the stove until almost completely tender.
Combine crushed graham crackers, coconut oil, and honey and press into ramekin
Top with apples and bake at 350 until apples are completely tender.
Top with yogurt and Grape Nuts!!

Tips & Bonus Information

I found whole wheat, honey sweetened graham crackers at my local Winn Dixie! I cannot remember the name of them. I will check the box when I get home and post it. Also, you can leave out the drizzle of honey on the recipe if you would like depending on what type of apples you use. Enjoy!!”
What’s your favorite fall recipe?  And do you know a tasty “clean” chocolate chip cookie recipe?



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