Preemie Awareness Month

Expectant parents might think they have everything covered as they plan for baby’s arrival.  But they might not be expecting preemies!

Local Austin mom, Kristen Padavic, whose twins were born at 30-weeks, joined me for an interview along with neonatologist Dr. Mitchell Goldstein to discuss Prematurity Awareness Month and the unique health risks facing these tiniest of babies.

Click below to watch the full interview:

Hope this helps soon-to-be mommies!

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6 responses to “Preemie Awareness Month

  1. I was 7 weeks early and have pictures of my mom at a BBQ the day she went into early labor. I was healthy, just underweight. I was told it isn’t hereditary to have premies. We shall see what happens.

    • I was a sorta preemie – two weeks early. Just early enough to give my folks a panic attack. Rylee came 10 days early and I was happy. Henry waited until the due date and I was ready to pay the doctor to induce me. My cousin had twins really early and they were in the hospital. That wasn’t good. Hope you go full term and have a healthy baby. 🙂

  2. Loved this post! I was a preemie born 3 months early and now I’m a healthy adult. I run marathons, which makes my parents nervous, but I’ve always been a fighter. PS your blog is amazing and I’m binge reading it from the beginning! Keep up all the great work 🙂

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